What jobs are making the average wage for stirling, scotland £47,000


stirling is the most affordable city in the uk- £174,000 average property price, 3.7 times average local salary.

=£47,000 average annual salary! that must be the mean wage, rather than the median, which would be a better way to get average, but still doesn’t sound right. what jobs are pushing the wage up in stirling? I want to move there if that’s the salary. walking around, it didn’t look like people were that wealthy.


is that in, pounds Stirling hahahahahahahahaaah?!?!?!?!?!


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I really liked Stirling, and look every so often for jobs there.

Very nice bridge. Not sure how that makes them all a 45k+ yearly salary though.


maybe they’re all bridge-makers?


There’s the castle, and the Wallace Monument. They’re probably driving salaries up. Monument maintenance jobs or something.


Stirling FC footballer


How many bridges does one medium sized town need?


Depends how many English are attempting to occupy it.




Alright, Sir Hugh de Cressingham.


yeh I live in Oxford and all my money goes on rent


It’s got a relatively large university and so I guess that will contribute to the average salary of the town, and also there will be some graduate jobs/economy for graduates who stay on, that will pay relatively well


Didn’t think it was mathematically possible for a place to be worse than London for this.


Classic Londoner.


Apples and pears, eel pie


I highly doubt that is the case to be honest. they must be including commuters incomes…


Lawyers/Solicitors is my guess


I highly advise that no one move to Stirling.