What kind of advent calendar have you got?

I’ve got a Cadbury’s Heroes one.

Hotel Chocolat vegan. It’s the nicest thing I own

Asda sent a replacement for the one I ordered so I’ve got a Mars one. Not pleased.

I don’t have one so I’ll share this with you.


(I actually put LEGO Star Wars bits in it)

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Last post was five days ago, in November. That thread was the foreplay.



Reece’s cups


Made by GrandmaWza for MiniWza.


Lindt. Best I could do over here. No Cadburys or even Galaxy in sight :’(

Lindt. By choice. Love lindt.


I don’t have an advent calendar but I am vicariously enjoying the dog’s.

Jimbo’s got a big felt one made by my mum too. He’s either completely uninterested or wants to do every piece at once.

Normally I buy me and the other half a Montezumas one to share, but since we’re off this year I haven’t bothered.

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Lindt. Sent by a supplier. The chocolate is very sugary. Still eating it, obviously.

I’ve got an image in my mind now of you walking around your work place making a massive deal that you’re eating advent calendar chocolate

I’m too tired to see commas

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n/a because i’m not a BIG BABY

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my mum still buys me a divine one from oxfam every year

Yeah there will only be 20 chocolates left in them