What kind of bird is this?

Just found an injured bird near our back door. It seems to be breathing slowly and heavily but no sign of blood from what I can see.

Gonna ca the rspca and see if I can take it to a local vet but I don’t know what kind of bird it is. Can anyone help?

looks like a wren

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Sparrow I’d say


I’m not an expert, but maybe a dove

not a sparrow, look at the beak

:smiley: think you must be bird blind

Yeah noah you fucking idiot


I thought starling

Totally wrong

Can’t even see a beak??


then why stampede to the sparrow diagnosis?


awww how cute

t’ain’t a sparrow i don’t think, beak seems too sharp

first thought was a baby blackbird

but gorkys made me think its a wren
good luck


Can’t really tell the size by the picture, but yep female blackbird I’d say.

(small one)

think its a blackbird aye, russet coat, stripy flight feathers, short stubby beak…

Poor beakless sparrow


I’m no ornithologist, but it’s almost certainly a toucan.