What kinda pension contribution are you putting away?

5% Employee, 10% Employer for me, Clive.





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If I’m not dead or there’s not some sort of UBI by that point I’m fucked.
Don’t own anything apart from games consoles and trainers, no kids to bail me out, no property.


7% employee / 13% employer. I’d happily put in less myself but this is the way to extract most from the employer.


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think I’m on 8% me, 12% work. at least I was til covid and they messed around with it and said they’d change it back afterwards, dunno if they did and dunno where to check if they did so :man_shrugging:

7.1% employee/20.6% employer

Yeah I’m tempted to bump it up for 7% for that reason

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6% employee / 6.23% employer
the 0.23% is to cover fees which the company pays.

Am on slightly better terms compared to the company standard due to TUPE from my old company.
Standard is 5% and 5% but the employee also pays the fees

If you’re able to make ends meet without spending over your take-home each month, it’s worth it I think. in my case employer pays default 6% and adds 1% for every 1% you do, up to maximum of 7/13. I look at it like investing with a guaranteed 100% return rate (not that simple with taxes, but it’s still the best rate of return I can think of for that little bit extra).



No idea. Almost no chance of me reaching pension age so quite tempting to just ditch it all together.

had to pause my contributions last year as i just cant afford it

Kind of serious on that last point. Probably won’t because I’m fairly risk averse, but I’m not a healthy person and I have (and won’t have) a spouse, dependents etc so it’s all a bit silly. If it was a DC pension I probably wouldn’t bother but being DB it would seem silly not to.

Not sure - should probably check.


15% me vs a measly 5% employer

One of the major reasons I’m interested in moving companies is better benes. My current pension pot is…modest (hence whacked up my contributions to 15%)

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