What kinda pension contribution are you putting away?

me 20%, employer 3%

yes you read that right

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I only started a pension when I was 38, and that is the compulsory work Nest pension. Up until that point I put all my spare money into saving for a deposit and on house renovations. Whether that was a sensible decision or not is a bit debateable in hindsight.

Currently it’s 3.5% of gross (me) and 2.6% of gross (employer).

This all changes this next month though, as I finally clear loans etc taken out for house renovations.

After that, it’ll be about 20% going into a private pension.

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I pay 9.6% and my employer contributes 24%.

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Think there’s a not insubstantial chance of societal systems including pensions and retirement support as we know it being completely irrelevant come the time I hit retirement age and fully understand why someone would choose not to pay in. Can’t really live my life like that though sadly so pay in I must.

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Blimey, some of these employer contributions are huge! 24%?!

Mine do a pretty lowly 3% with me adding 9% for a total of 12% (maths) - only upped my bit recently having just done the default (3% each) and realising I would be pretty fucked at retirement age the way I was going

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Public sector/teachers’ pension. Goes some way to make up for salaries being lower than in the private sector and the shitty working conditions…! :smiley:


I assume that most, if not all of those are public sector/NHS, or highly unionised sectors.

The trade off always used to be that comparable pay was lower than the private sector, but pensions were better.


Yeah, kinda hoped it was that rather than just my specific employer being stingy!

Really need to try and get to grips with old pensions, getting everything in one place etc - tried to use a pension tracing service but it’s not going all that well atm…

I pay 8.7% they pay 24%

“Employer” lol

This thread has already been eye-opening but I might have to mute for my own self-employed sanity


5% from me, 4% from Employer which seems terrible compared to everyone else here…

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Are you USS? If so, should be same as mine.

My new employer has set me up for NEST, previously used peoples pension. Not sure whether to move what I have over…

Looks like 4.5% from me, although I have no idea what my employer contribution is.

This has made me actually find the section of our intranet that has my payslips on. I don’t think I’ve looked at one for about ten years.

[Edit, looks like I contribute 5% of my pensionable salary, and apparently my employer is currently contributing 27.3% of my "contributable pensionable salary]

And before anyone points out (quite rightly) that I have the best deal so far listed in this thread (I think) I ought to point out that the unions at my workplace have ground the capital to a standstill today and those two facts might be somehow related.


And this in turn made me look back through my payslips, which confirm that in the ten years I’ve been in my current job my headline pay has increased by less in total than the low measure of inflation for the last twelve months.

Why am I still doing this?

For that sweet, sweet pension contribution


Well frankly you’re not wrong. That and the retired staff travel pass.

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