What laptop should I get my daughter?

Getting my eldest a new laptop for her birthday, It;s replaced a very elderly chromebook which has done good service, but is a bit of a pain for certain uni stuff (playing nice with uni vpn stuff I think) so she needs a windows machine this time.

she doesn’t play games, doesn’t make music, edit video or use photoshop. Use will be limited to accessing spotify, watching netflix and the like and writing essays etc for uni.

Needs to have enough storage to actually be able to download the latest windows software updates (younger daughters laptop has had issues with this)

what should I buy people? budget is about £300. they all look the same, and all seem to have reviews which are either “excellent” or “slowest laptop ever”


You’ve timed in well with Prime Day starting later, you can probably get a good discount on a decent machine.

I don’t have Prime though - should I get prime just for this?

Might be a free trial knocking about tim if you’ve not used it before.

think I’ve had a free trial already

Yeah wrangling a free trial should be easy enough, and even failing that, the fact that Amazon is discounting a lot of stuff will prompt a lot of other people to offer deals at the same time to compete.


so what laptop should I get then?


As you’ve probably already found, at your price point they tend to be much of a muchness, they’re all basically just appliances these days.

My son (nearly 18) really likes that his laptop is touchscreen, if that helps at all?!

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you get a like for pitching in, but this is not super helpful :wink:

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how does this look?

I get a bit of a discount at argos through work as well (7.5%)

I’ve got an HP Laptop which I’ve had for about 18 months, and it’s been great. Main uses have been sitting on the sofa doing the online shopping, and looking up Chuggington on youtube and placing in front of a toddler. It wasn’t a massively expensive one, but does plenty more than I’d expect of it, so I probably could have saved and bought a cheaper one. I think it might be similar to this: https://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=3QU62EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB

You’re link’s not working there Tim

ta fixed it

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Looks good to me - like I say, mine’s an HP, and I’m happy with it.

the one you linked to seems to have a better processor and is the same price so might go for that

why do the companies make a million different modals that are all almost same but all slightly different so it’s impossible to find a proper review of a specific modal


I know! I only ended up choosing mine because it was a Black Friday deal.

Just to throw another variable in - is it worth getting it from Argos so if it does go wrong you can take it back to a high street branch rather than deal with some remote service centre?

Chips inside computers these days are great so she’d have to be doing heavy video editing or something like that to properly use even something like that to it’s full potential.

“fuck that’s the HP-3002-cv-e244-2a, not the HP-3002-cv-e244-2b!!”

that’s not exageratting

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ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Comodore 64 , BBC B - you knew what you were buying!

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