What life hacks have you discovered recently? 🤯

Buy coasters? With your hard earned money? I think not!

Just order a load of free tile samples - there are so many tile retailers out there that you’ll be set for life. If you want to be really fancy you could stick some felt on the bottom to ensure a scratch-less experience.


What has made you go :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: lately?


Also in the tiles as coasters club :blush: but more because it seems impossible to find nice coasters.

Have posted this before but there’s a chopping board in ikea the exact width of the inside of a fridge which i realised when chilling some sausage rolls before cooking

So i use it as an extra shelf all the time now which is really handy


Genius! Also, I thought that was the world’s largest cheese on it initially :sweat_smile:

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We do this but have also we’re going to superglu felt or something on to one side of them so they don’t scrape surfaces

What a novel idea! :smirk:


Genuinely read the entire op before posting.



Some lentil sausage rolls pre being divided up and cooked. Does look quite odd!

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I really hope you don’t have to add an entry to my “things falling out of the fridge” thread

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On Spotify Mobile, you can swipe the little bar at the bottom left and right to skip through tracks:


It’s been serving me as a shelf for 3 years now, if anything its better than the official shelves (it slots onto the shelf holder uppers, its not just jammed in).

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Make your shoes last twice as long by only wearing them every other day


What happens to your shoes if you Moonwalk?

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You have to high five everyone…


Hand sanitiser gets rid of stains on clothes :ok_hand:

So does nail varnish remover. Just really strong alcohols innit.

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Grinding pepper into a dish you’re cooking but don’t want your grinder clagged up with steam? Grind it into your hand first, then throw it in

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Was just thinking about making this thread, but can’t remember what my life hack was gonna be


Lifehack: get a little Partridge-style dictaphone for recording thread ideas