What Links These Bands/Artists?

Rules are these:

  1. Two bands/artists must link together by two steps
  2. The links can be songs, members, record labels, bands. collaborations, etc.
  3. Somebody posts a question.
  4. Whoever gets it right then posts a link of their own.

Here is the first question.
What links these two bands


Does it have something to do with Butch Vig and Nirvana?

Afraid not, but it is a band that links them

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John Duncan (The Exploited).

Link would be Goodbye Mr. McKenzie?

Correct, both Duncan and Manson were in that group.

Your go.

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Ok, thanks, let me think…

Ok, not 100% that I have the rules, but what is the link I’m thinking of between these two artists.

Assuming this isn’t the answer, but can’t imagine I’ll ever have another opportunity to link to this:

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Both were names of wrestlers who appeared on WWF Heat 1999

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No and thanks, sounds decent.

No. Or not the link I’m thinking of.

Both were covered terribly by Duran Duran? :joy:

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That’s probably a better answer than the link I have in mind but no, sorry, wrong.