What #LittleSystems have you got running well at the minute?

I switched our weekly shop from ASDAS to Morrisons because the search function’s better, the minimum order is lower (£25, thanks for asking) and they deliver it in bags which is handy when you’re several floors up and avoids awkwardness (chill out, Attenborough, they buy them back).

I order some shopping, then as soon as it arrives and I’ve put it away I start a new basket and do a walk around the flat, then just add things as and when. Once it gets to £25, BANG, order placed, next day, nice and late, £1.50, thanks very much.

It’s a great little system. Reckon we get a delivery every five days, which is handy as that’s about the optimum cycle for fresh foods, and of i’m ever short I just bung three meat for a tenner on. Problem solved.

There’s a few items I pick up when I walk past LIDL on Fridays - fresh pizzers, fancy ham, mouthwash, herbal tea, toffee yum yums, occasionally chilli oil - either because they’re much cheaper or better quality.

I’ve got it absolutely nailed down. Pretty much the Mary Portas of online food shopping now.



This is going to be a GREAT thread.


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I’m hardly the world’s greatest systems guy, but I’m struggling with your shopping system a bit - you mean you do an online shop, it arrives, and once you’ve put it away, you get started on the next online shop that arrives the next day? why not just do a single, bigger shop?

Can’t you just be happy for me?

(Every five or so days, as I say. Delivery, stocktake, new basket. #efficiency).


I’m with profk on this, your little system seems to be far more effort that it needs to be. But if it’s working for you then I’m happy for you.

I guess what I’m asking is whether the basket is completed on the night the previous delivery is…delivered, but you mean you keep the basket active for a few days before scheduling the delivery or something.

I’m happy for you, don’t get me wrong here.

I do similar to bugduv without the online part. Have a whiteboard list that gets updated when something is running low/run out, then I can decide if it gets replenished when I next go shopping.

Will still do a little look round to see what needs getting before I go though.

Not really similar I suppose

I just go to the shop really.


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I have a #littlesystem of sorts I guess. To eliminate Monday dreads, I wake up at about 3:30am and do a little fishing before work. Calms me down mentally for the work week grind ahead and have been unbelievably productive to start said week. Eliminates a lot of unneeded end of work week catching up as well, where Friday’s I just basically coast.


Good #littlesystem.

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I am woefully lacking in systems. Thinking of getting a whiteboard though…which will surely solve all my problems?

Great #littlesystem.

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I have text docs on my computer where I make a note of books, music, games, tv shows, films i want to watch. I will never complete the lists. They torment me every day


Amazing. I can see this becoming a viral TikTok sensation #mon330am


but that’s bedtime!

Doing the dishes (usually before bed)
washed in following order-

Plates / bowls
Pans / trays

All stacked in what some family members see as a perplexing manner (point of contention that). Then wipe around before leaving cloth in some water with bit of fairy liquid/Ace bleach.

What a sad little life gif.

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Love a bit of washing up chat, but surely everyone washes up in that order? No-one’s gonna do pans first and glasses last are they? Maybe mavericks.

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I used to place a pair of socks on top of some pants and then roll the pants up so that each morning I could just pull out a little ball of daily underwear, but I’ve abandoned that system recently as I started doubting how efficient it really was, and also where my life was heading.

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If I had devised and routinely executed a system that works as well as this I would be immensely proud of myself. Congrats.

I moved out from my ex and into a new flat 2 weeks ago and my life is currently a massive swarm of nascent #LittleSystems and #VeryBigSystems around shared childcare, home-making, transport, work and pretty much everything you can imagine. I dream of having well established systems, I hope they start falling into place soon