What major events have happened while you were celebrating your birthday?


During your lifetime and that you remember please. No on this day in 1765.


Murder of Lee Rigby. Was celebrating my 25th in Barcelona when it happened


Do you want my mother’s maiden name for your records too?


Murder of Julius Caesar. I actually coined the phrase ‘ides of March’ - although it was meant to be ‘slides of March’ on account of being at a waterpark at the time.


Your first girlfriend’s name please


Funnily enough that’ll be your mum’s maiden name.


Some world cup finals


Opening ceremony of the 1990 World Cup and Cameroon beat Argentina.

I remember it vividly, went to Pizza hut with some friends and then back to mine for the football.


my bike was confiscated by those spooks in the dutch government


Princess Diana died the weekend of my 13th birthday. Can’t remember anything notable in previous years

  • 1994 The Duchess of Kent converts to Catholicism, the first member of the Royal Family to do so in more than 300 years

  • 1998 100th episode of “Ellen” airs

2001 Jennifer Lopez scored her first UK No.1 single with ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’

  • 2002 UK declared free of foot-and-mouth cattle disease

  • 2019 Pawel Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdańsk, Poland, stabbed on stage at charity event. Dies two days later.

January 14th: fuck all ever happens



we went on a family outing to scarborough on the day of diana’s funeral. everything was shut apart from the pubs.

but it was not my birthday


Princess Di died on my birthday (I was mid-20s).



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Martin Lewis was born and everything changed.


karl marx was born


Aaliyah died on my birthday in 2001


Someone threw a shoe at George W Bush.

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Major terrorist attack :frowning: