What makes a perfect autumnal album?

I’d include the 3rd as well (probably because it was my intro to him)

First one gives me a mixture of autumn vibes and lazy summer evenings though, finding out he recorded it on his porch in Florida is probably responsible for the latter

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The Glow pt.2

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Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You
The Clientele - Suburban Light

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Also see King Creosote

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Diiv - Is The Is Are

I liked this record a lot more before I read an interview with him.

Which interview was this? What did he say?

Can’t remember where it was, but IIRC he was incredibly invested in his own mythology as a sort of Hunter S. Thompson meets Father John Misty Only True Outsider musician, and came across as deeply, deeply annoying and self-absorbed.

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(although apparently he’s since got clean and straightened himself out: DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith talks sobriety and split from Sky Ferreira - NME)

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this is obviously the correct answer


Yeah, I remember him being interviewed on 6Music and coming across as a total tool.

Everyone deserves a second chance though :+1: