What Makes You Cry?

This for me

Onions. But only when someone throws them at my bollocks.

Gravity’s Rainbow.


Forgetting that I’ve just chopped chillies then putting my contacts in (this happened last night)

DiS Summer Fête, 2017. £1 for three onions

Pulling out a nose hair.


I normally have to pay a lot more than £1 for it, so ahm in.

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the end of field of dreams and the end of big fish


Soul-searing cosmology AND sheer holistic achievement, I believe.

Watched Tyrannosaur again a couple of weekends back and it did me.

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I’m more a sheer holistic beauty man tbh. Didn’t care much for the soul-searing scale of its cosmology.

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I rarely cry but there’s something in movies and occasionally real life that really gets me, not sure I can explain it.

One example is a bit in the Pianist where he’s escaped from the Ghetto and turns up at someone he trusts apartment and they’re all like “OMG thank god you’re safe, sit down, how did you get here etc etc” and he just sits there in silence and eventually says… “I’m really sorry, can I have some food?” and you/they realise he’s close to starving but that was really hard for him to say.

I don’t know it’s something about having hit rock bottom and getting over the misplaced determination not to ask someone for help. Perhaps it’s something to do with “admitting” that you’re in trouble - the notion that this is an admittance - really gets me.

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Post heartbreak pretty much any display of tenderness in a film or TV show, or couples/friends/siblings not getting along.

Any birth scene in a film. Caught the end of Knocked Up last night, and despite disliking the rest of the film, wept a bit as she gave birth to a…baby girl

he’s even more verbose than i remembered

Anything involving fathers / sons and troubled relationships. Sometimes brothers too. So the end of Friday Night Lights (the film) and Warrior.

And The Time Traveler’s Wife for some reason.


watch this: