What makes you feel like an adult?

Do you not feel like an adult yet? Maybe it happens when you replace the ink cartridge

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think ruffs made a post once that said ‘being an adult is being responsible for caring for others and everything else is just mucking about’ and i think about it a lot because it is wise

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Sending enough invoices that means I am going to have to do proper taxes this year.

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Sewed a button back on my trousers and have worn them. 5 or 6 times. Still good!


You’ve just reminded me. I order ink cartridges before the other ones run out. So I don’t actually run out, then run around panicking unable to print. That seems like huge progress for me, proper adult behaviour.

The flex in owning a printer tho

This thread seems to rumble on forever

what makes me feel like an adult?

oh geez

probably the outlook of hopelessness and disappointment I have when thinking about my prospects for the future

Oooooh lookey here, I’ve been put on the bin rota this week when it shouldn’t be my turn for 6 more weeks. Nice try.

I see you.

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Descaling the coffee machine