What makes you feel sophisticated?

Just kind of let it spill out of your mouth onto a waiting Pringle. I said it was sophisticated, I never said it was dignified.

Drinking bourbon
Wearing a suit
Going to the Opera

Do they do a lemon drizzle vienetta?

:nauseated_face: :tired_face::sleepy:

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Pretty sophisticated vocab there.

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Theatre, one time I was walking back from the young vic feeling pretty sophisticated when I realised that my flies on my trousers were undone.

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Correcting everyone on Masterchef when they say “millefeuille”.

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Going to add a little truffle oil to my broccoli and blue cheese soup in a mo. Sophis!

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@Kallgeese ?

This is exactly the kind of joke Cork people would try to pull off. Pretending to be stupid to show up someone else.

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i like to match my pants to my socks, but then i am an extremely sophisticated man

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I would have to always wear black socks or invest in some jazzy grundies, neither of which I’m willng to do.

  • Going out for a meal at the sort of place where they bring bread to your table.
  • Knowing the correct way to eat bread at a restaurant thanks to something @anon32406580 posted on here a while back
  • Bonus points if they bring a little amuse bouche to the table as well

So much this… or out of the Bottle :frowning:

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Find please!


Ah but if you’re chugging Bolly from the bottle whilst wearing a stripey blazer and boater in a punt on the Cam are you sophisticated or not?

my pants are well flashy

look at fancy pants here