What minor ability/skill/feature would you like to add to your existing person?

I’d quite like the ability to whistle with my fingers in my mouth.

I’m not willing to pay for this as an added extra. But if it’s free then I’ll take it.

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Wink with my right eye.

Can wink merrily with my left, can’t manage it with my right.


This would definitely be free, I feel.

to concentrate on one thing for more than 8 seconds (esp. work stuff)


The ability to fall asleep easily

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nollie heelflip


The ability to talk clearly in an uncomfortable situation. I either talk quietly and mumble a bit, or get my words stuck.

Oh and to stop going red when talking to an audience

Would love to be a good bowler. Don’t want to practice or anything, just want to rock up and reliably bowl 250+.

My favourite trick, that or a full cab. Could never really kickflip, but could nollie and fakie heelflip perfectly.

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You’re going to have to pay for this.

I wanna do a handstand

It’s yours, gratis.

On the house!

As we’re feeling generous, you can have this as a free bolt-on.


I would like to be able to do cartwheels.

Tried one at Christmas. Made a tit of myself.

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such a satisfying trick to see. weirdly I could nollie, and heelflip, but never nollie heelflip

They look so cool.

I think this is going to cost you £35.


Your wish is my command. Get outside and try one now.

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If I ever got in an uncomfortable situation I would just do a backflip and everyone would just be like “wow cool backflip, can you do that again so I can film it on my phone” and the previous uncomfortableness would be forgotten


Been watching loads of skateboarding parts on YouTube recently. PJ Ladd’s part from 2002 is still amazing. Really want to get back into it, but a fat 31yr old down the skatepark is not a good look

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