What minor ability/skill/feature would you like to add to your existing person?

I’d also like to whistle with your fingers in my mouth


a fat 27 year old down the bridges at Queens Road Peckham skateboarding wasn’t a good look. been there, got the scrapes and weird looks.

I really want to be able to consistently click my fingers. I only seem to be able to do it every 3rd attempt at so. That’s no way to keep rhythm down the old jazz club.

Get in the line buddy!

Used to be able to do this.

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I’m delighted to make this a reality for you, hoss.

Go and click your way to stardom.

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What did you used to ride?

used to go down the herons skatepark a bit and do the mini ramp/street bits. ever go there?

I’d like to be able to do that thing where you twirl a pen around your finger/thumb

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No problem, bud.

Go delight the kids.

Given the amount of practise this would normally take, we’ll need to charge £46 for this feature.

No, never actually. Somebody i used to ride with goes up there a fair whack now. This is somebody else I used to skate with. I was never, ever this good mind.

And lots of this was filmed in Chichester and Portsmouth


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Any skill would be better than none. But I would rather like to speak multiple languages fluently.

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I’d like the ability to put coving up

We only offer minor improvements here, pal.

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Yeah, I was aiming too high, I know. I don’t do that in real life so figured here was the only place I could do that. Now I’m crushed…


chadders is planning on opening a major skills stall very soon.

How tricky is this?

In Wales, though, right?

Play bass guitar.