What minor ability/skill/feature would you like to add to your existing person?


Used to love these, had one that you clip around your waist :sunglasses:


Keepy uppy chat:

Would like to be able to do 2 round the world’s in a row


I’d like my vocal range to be extended by about a third. I can reach an Eb or E above middle C; would be nice to be able to stretch to a G.

If this isn’t possible then I will grudgingly settle for being able to raise one eyebrow (don’t mind which) independently of the other.




I feel like this is holding me back from putting myself forward to be a coach for my son’s JFC (junior football club)


Empathy and compassion add-on


I think shearer might have advertised one of these but I could be imagining it. Either way I had one and loved it.


i’d like to be able to merge onto main roads while driving rather than planning alternative routes


The ability to park and walk away without worrying that the police will assume it’s an abandoned vehicle left by joy riding kids would be nice.


what would I call it to google it and order one?

‘keepy up dog leash thing’


Wish I could make a decent poached egg


mine was a kick master. If I google that they come up too, so I think they’re still called that.


wtf why is everyone calling them keepy uppies

heard someone call them kick ups once too :rofl:


I say both of those. Which others are there?


Not sure I’ve earned enough XP yet.

How about we all band together and go and take out a pack of trolls somewhere?


don’t remember ever seeing one of them. a light plastic ball is good for practicing


You could try facing a wall or even better, a corner I reckon.

I mean I’m serious. When I learned how to juggle the book said start close to wall so the beanbags can bounce off and back into your hands. Soon enough you learned to keep from throwing them forward as you chucked them.

EDIT: Actually maybe starting with a small beanbag could work to get used to kicking up without the bouncing.


when I do loads of keepy ups, I get a little bit of backspin on the kicks to keep the ball controlled. I think maybe this is important? so that thingy would maybe be a bad idea (also bean bags are bad ideas).

like, the backspin stops it going off somewhere else.

this post is less fun than getting one of those ball on a string thingies so maybe imagine I said the things in a fun way :soccer:


One of my favourite keepy up techniques is to stretch my leg out and do loads of tiny ones right at the end of my toes


It’s yours, with our compliments.