What moisturizer are you packing these days?



I’m using palmer’s cocoa butter (same thing as a moisturizer), makes me smell like muller corners toffee hoops (ohhh er) and I love it.



Because I’m worth it.


i don’t use any


this is why i used the hotopinion tag. thank you.


Ran out of my own Nivea business so borrowing the wife’s Simple stuff. Just googled it and pulled up the Superdrug page to find this description of it:

‘Powerful yet gentle, like a wrestler in love, this creamy concoction is the perfect way to cleanse thoroughly’. Hmm.


I don’t use mosturiser because a girl I slept with’s (while travelling my soul and SE Asia) geography teacher had told her that mosturiser dries out your skin even more.

This sin’t the reason I don’t use any, I just wanted to show off about my sexual prowess. The only time I use any cream is some Bebe on my face in extremely cold conditions.


based on that description I would never buy it again if i were you.


Good man.

Quality stuff, innit?


Actually, I use Doublebase. Nice and greasy.


Not sure. Borrowed (stole) it from 'er indoors, it’s in a beige coloured tube with a green lid.


: D




body shop night cream - in the day, like a fucking boss

st ives something or another with added elastin or collagen or some shit on the neck. gettting a couple unsightly lines there maaaaan


Some Nivea daily essentials number



Using the stem cell day cream by Rodial. The stem cell stuff is utter nonsense but it smells like roses and makes my face feel SO soft.


Nothing else keeps me from flaking everywhere like a… Flake.


Yup, PCB is outstanding


I find doublebase is good for my hands, but using it ends up making my face really greasy, whether I deliberately apply it there or not.


On a related topic, I’m a big fan of the Ultrasun sportsgel sunscreens. They’re non-greasy and don’t run down into your eyes when you sweat. I made the mistake of wearing normal Soltan out on a run and I could barely see for a couple of hours afterwards.


Any other cream tips?