What moisturizer are you packing these days?



die a bit inside when people say they don’t moisturise/are too oily. don’t you understand that it’s oily because it’s overcompensating for lack of hydration and moisture???

cocoa butter for my body (whatever is the most bland, the boots one at a push), la roche posay hydreane riche (for dehydrated skin), and a mix of oils. avene skin recovery cream for my face when it’s really dry. and various things for cuts, eczema etc. used the same things for at least 6 years now. flirt with other stuff now and again but nothing works as good.


Hey my skin doesn’t need mosturiser, You can die inside from jealousy but that IS IT!


i’m going to assume you’re adequately hydrated, have normal skin and and cleanse regularly, with a soap that isn’t too harsh.


Are you saying that a girl who @Balonz used to bone’s Geography teacher is wrong?!


If by cleanse regularly you mean get some spray in your face from the shower when washing your bum crack… then yes.


you can tell people you invented the ‘caveman routine’ (not washing your face with anything but water).


That is quite literally my routine. I call it Balonz and go.


i bet he’s really wrinkly now.


Pretty sexist presumption there mate


I assumed she was talking about you.


Don’t listen to Eric Clapton - he’s a racist.


He better fucking not, or he’ll be hearing from me on behalf of my caveman clients.


i was. even though his gap year only ended last summer.


I often ponder what moisturiser Beyonce uses. I mean, with flawless skin like that, not to mention the ear for a good track, it’s got to be something worth considering


Don’t use any, except a bit after shaving (which happens very rarely). My skin seems perfectly “balanced” as it is, thank you.


Balonz and go?


Balonz and ho!