what month is your calendar


there are to be no polls in this thread thanks

mine is july

March 2020 I think

Not even on calendarbook, m8


ok thanks anyway rob

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December. Can’t remember what year

No really, I don’t have one at home but I’ve got one on my desk at work. I assume.

It’s included every year, iirc

maybe someone has been advancing it for you

If they have I’ll be speaking to HR

pretty sure it was cancelled last year

Your welcome. If it helps there’s a whole year planner up in the kitchen, which if you’re counting that means I’m on all the months.

No, Boris saved December, I remember that bit

i’m not counting that, no

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You’re a hard man to please.

Here’s my final contribution - my calendar in Outlook. It’s set to today, which makes it September.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. If that’s still not good enough I’ll leave quietly.

no that one is good cheers

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September, as it should be.

and yet you are the first one

I thought he said he saved December, only to decimate it and leave us blaming each other.