What Music are people in your household into?

My Wife likes The Happy Mondays, Pulp, Barry White (?!) and Embrace (?!!) She has recently been playing T-Rex a lot but she overall has good taste in music.

Teenage son is more into hip hop and Jazz. He seems to really like an artist called Jacob Collier who I can’t get on with at all. I just find it awful. Way too Jazzy for me. He also likes The 1975 and Everything Everything which we both like and gel over musically.

Teenage Daughter she loves Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande neither of these I have a problem with.

Housemate 1, early 40s: Coldplay, U2, the Friends theme
Housemate 2, early 20s: Jack Johnson, Mika
Housemate 3, early 20s: dunno lol

Except I’m moving today to live with one of my ATDs and she thinks that A Moon Shaped Pool is a solid 8/10


My flatmate likes in the incongruous mix of various genres of harsh electronica and prog-metal bores Tool.

I do not like it when he plays music.

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Wife: Dolly obsessive, also lots of Johnathan Richman, Press Club, Billie Eilish, Tom Waits. All the good shit

Cat: dunno. Cat Power? Cat Stevens?


Ashes is a banger tbh!


me and my old housemate once both put ‘Atlas’ by Battles on in our rooms and then congregated in the middle of the hallway to listen


Next-door neighbor was playing Muse loudly when I was cooking my dinner last night. Other neighbor occasionally plays really bad 90s bangin’ dance music

My partner and I have pretty similar tastes at the centre ground, then I’m into a load of more left-field stuff that she doesn’t really get (electronica, neo-classical/drone, metal etc). I spend a lot more time obsessing about music than she does though.


what is this

all time dogs


Me and the wife got together at an indie-club back in the 90s, so we share a lot of love for that era. But since having kids, she’s kind of “grown up” and doesn’t really care about new music. She’ll come to the odd gig and festival with me and enjoy it, but I suspect if she could only ever attend gigs by bands she loved in her youth she wouldn’t be too disappointed. Most of the time she listens to 80s radio and show-tune radio stations.

Eldest daughter (15) into Frank Ocean, H.E.R., Billie Eilish and plenty of others who I don’t know.

Youngest daughter (12) loves Ariana Grande

Didn’t read this as I was typing, but you’ve summed up our musical relationship better than I did. Pretty much spot on.

Jacob Collier is absolutely not the usual thing I’d listen but I think he’s great. Love the track he did with Tank & The Bangas - worth a listen if you want to give him a second chance.

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Nothing awful, mostly US indie rock and some of the better country music. The main issue is that she gets obsessed with the same songs and plays them to death, so even if I like a song I’ll probably hate it by the hundredth time I hear it that week.

Primarily musicals (Miss Y is a theatre grad), pop (Taylor Swift, George Ezra, Ed Sheeran) and classic rock (Queen, Meatloaf etc). I’m hoping she’ll get into electronic stuff through the sheer osmosis/immersion therapy that is living with me but she is resistant - “Where’s the singing?!”.
Does love live music, though. We’re hoping to see Everything Everything and The Midnight in March, if it’s remotely feasible/safe.

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Housemate is into a lot of hip hop which is fine but also some really bad 80s stuff which is less fine

I live with several musicians, one DJs drum and bass and plays in a band who are like prodigy with circus acts on stage, another is in a rock band and has a writing credit on the first florence and the machine album

and then everyone else is somewhere on the sliding scale between those

I’m the only one who likes metal, which is unfortunate for everyone else as amongst others I’ve been absolutely smashing out Reign In Blood for the last 6 months

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One sibling listens to hip hop and nothing else, one likes trap music but also anything really and one likes jpop and michael jackson only, mother listens to her 80s faves but likes anything that is good, think a recent favourite was motivation - normani

Flatmate: Taylor Swift, Mitski, Idles, Husker Du, musicals, any pro-socialism songs
Mum: Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Idlewild, Twilight Sad, The National, Japanese Breakfast
Dad: jazz, classical

Decent selection

My wife is a massive Low fan, as well as Julien Baker, Touche Amore, The Boss, Meatloaf, and any power ballad. Our tastes cross with the softer side of my collection.

Kids (6&3) pretty much solidly into the Ramones, Katy Perry, and that Let it Go song. Think Sabbath & The Boss have worked their way into their consciousness also and we’ve broken through with some ‘goblin’ vocals. There was a great period where they loved Batdance.

They all get subjected to my taste which must suck for them…Ohhh, this journey is just the same length as Dopesmoker…settle in boys :smiley: