What music should my band play?

My band has been invited to play at this event for a foreign affair matchmaker company. We usually play alt-rock songs, both original compositions and covers, but I suppose we gotta tone it down a bit for a socials event. I know it seems like we’re selling out, but we have to be realistic here. Our band needs the money to finance our studio time, plus other expenses for our equipment. What music should my band play? I need suggestions in the form of musicians or bands that would fit in with this type of event. Thanks!

Some bold and exciting

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What instruments do you guys play?





Yeah I remembered that. Are we getting scammed or harvested in some unfathomable way?


Play all the musics. Rock, pop and world. All at once. If the audience don’t like it, then they simply ain’t ready for it.

Foreign Affairs by Tom Waits, and Matchmaker, Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof

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The greatest hits of The Carpenters.

You’ve no idea how relieved I am that @dmusician’s band didn’t sell out and take that gig. Now it’s @rockmarcus28 who’s considering pathetically taking money from the man in exchange for integrity.

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Why not play both types of music, Radiohead AND The National?


Those fart noises people do with their armpits, always impressed by those

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Wall to wall nickelback

Euphemism of the week.

In Da Club by Fiddy Cents?