What music videos have altered your opinions of the songs?


In that great albums ruined by a song thread, I mentioned the Good Life on Pinkerton, and it dawned on me I think I don’t like the song cause I hate the video. Just Matt and Pat acting like kooky bell ends throughout. Rubbish

Also decided December 1963 isnt so bad cause it includes 3 singers, which I’m a sucker for and didn’t realise till I saw the video


some of Cloud Nothings’ videos are really terrible and i have to avoid watching them in case this happens


For some incomprehensible reason, I think Everybody Hurts is 100 times better when it’s accompanied by the video.

Jenny Hval’s videos make me like her even more.


Lazarus and Blackstar obvz had great videos


Hunted by a Freak by Mogwai. Seeing that video was the first of a series of events that put me off the band entirely.


At the risk of opening up that particular can of worms again it was slightly surprising that Kendrick still has that fairly familiar trope of having women twerking in the background of his videos when the lyrical content of his songs are often concerned with themes of civil rights and social justice. Just seems slightly incongruous if nothing else.


Woah, weird. I was thinking of making this thread today after Metallica’s “one” came into my head whilst I was in the shower.

That, then.


yeah that;s a good video

I also can’t listen to Pulse by Mad Capsule Markets now without imagining the sound effects in the song (makes it a blooter)


Much more fun when you can visualise a load of German dudes playing music like this


Absolutely none because music videos are shit.


All of them?

Come on, you must like at least one.




Maybe I have in the past but at this point in my life I can’t help but think that they’re a distraction from the song. I have also never thought "Hey, I’d love to watch that music video again! " They hold no appeal for me.


Joy division - atmosphere


How do you feel about performance videos? As in, those that simply show the band performing the song?


If it’s mimed, as most of them are, then I don’t care. Very few bands record fully “live” videos.


My least favourite type of music video is the type that displays the lyrics on the screen as they’re sung. Everyone really liked Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out video when it first came out, but for that reason I found it insufferable.


My level of antipathy is illustrated by that video. I’ve never seen it. Probably the most popular indie song the year it was released and I just have never seen the video.

I’m just going to take myself out of this thread now as I am not contributing constuctively to it!