What name do you know the most of?

Michael or David for me.

I need to go in a minute but this just couldn’t wait.

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Probably Dans

Oh shit yeah, I know a lot of Dans. No such concentration in women’s names is there?

Still going in a minute BTW

Loads of Robs.

My MiL’s cat is called Lucy. My wife likes the name Lucy. Thanks for reading.

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All Lucys are fun I reckon

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Sorry to bring the dating chat out of the dating thread but how come everyone on tinder is called Lorna? Was there a Lorna Doone bbc adaption in the late 80s?

don’t think I know more than one person with the same name

I seem to know a disproportionate number of Andrews / Andys.

Also quite a few Alexs of the male and female persuasion

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Had three Dan’s on my stag do. Too many Dans

I hope you tell her that.

Top of my Lucy League Table (LLT):


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No thanks, I’m Scottish.


Paul’s. I know a lot of Paul’s.


can’t believe you’ve done this


My grandma was called Lucy, she would have been 100 this week, can she go on your league table please Kermy?

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Sam. At one point I had 4 male and 2 female acquaintances or higher named Sam.