What new stuff do you want?


Thought we could help each other out by making recommendations, point out good bargains etc.

  • a new tv (budget £200)
  • weights (just little ones to use at home)
  • a new litter tray and a cat tree/house thing
  • a pizza stone
  • a coffee machine (budget £100, or is that too stingy?)
  • bikes for me and my bf to go cycling around Oxford and the surrounding countryside + helmets (this is now the kgnsgdgowrgyryrygbskg)
  • PS4 and games (would it be daft to get one second hand?)
  • a soda stream (basically really unsure about the ethics of this but I spend too much on fizzy water and it’s unsustainable)

I’ve paid all my rent till the end of October so I have some cash to spare. Reckon I could get all that for under a grand.


You can probably find some dead good PS4 new or second-hand deals about at the minute as they’ve just announced an updated version so the original ones will probs be going cheap.

  • s’fine

  • cool

  • in my experience, those cat houses are shit. just use a cardboard box

  • nice one

  • depends if you’re full wanker or not

  • don’t ask niki. pick up a pair on gumtree for 50 notes

  • second hand is fine

  • this ain’t the 70’s

  • bye


acoustic guitar, preferably a martin, 600-800 nicker. don’t know if that’s how much they cost like.


A new overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedal. Probably two, actually: one to do nice gentle warm overdrive when digging in, and another one that sounds like the apocalypse.

Got a tab open with videos of the top 25 fuzz pedals of 2016. Really looking forward to going home and listening to each and every one of them.


yep - nice nice mocha pot = £20 (tk maxx or such like)
grinder - just buy a hand one and forget about weights


just get one of these: http://www.hario.co.uk/v60-drip-decanter.html


a single speed bike


They’re taking away our Nespresso machine, so I think I might get one of those for work.


But then you’ll have two!!

Have you managed to sell on Krudler yet? (I named it Krudler)


yeah I’ve got a grinder, french press and a moka pot at the moment just fancied something different.


you can get small ones for like a fiver which sit over a cup!



No, I need to reduce and relist on Gumtree. I mean at this point I’m fully expecting @japes to come and remove the seatpost next weekend.


Thinking of importing a fucktonne of dark chocolate M&Ms


£100 for a coffee machine, fuckin 'ell


a sense of being at one with the universe


my boss bought us one at work so I just assumed it wasn’t that expensive but just looked it up my god


Overdrive : EHX soul food or a klon(e) sounds like exactly what you’re after

Fuzz: so many choices, so personal, Shiva or Pharaoh…


I mean, I can’t really think of anything but I’m sure there’d be something, a nice trip somewhere.


yeah, bloody hell, i just assumed they were like £30 or something, crikey.


wouldn’t mind some indoor football boots. not the guy to actually go into town and try and on though.