What no evening Monday thread?


I had a wonderful, if stressed weekend. I’m possibly one of the rare people who can consider a weekend wonderful where I got about five hours sleep total, tried to sleep in sub zero temps in a bivvy tent.


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I looked at some Warhammer models today


Had a pretty decent day at work. Was on a working group discussing various disturbance bits and bobs. Then an impromptu meeting with a few partners. And then I saw a pretty rare bird on my lunch break. So all good.

Made crispy potatoes with sautéed onions, asparagus and 2 fried eggs slathered in sriracha.


Oh fuck yeah we’re in delicious asparagus season aren’t we? The best season.

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Hello! Mixed day really.
:white_check_mark: Work was easy,
:x:I was tired
:x: wife and kiddo both ill and
:x:little guy has to stay home tomorrow.
:white_check_mark: Not as much of an inconvenience as that could be because I’d already cleared the day for
:x: a big meeting
:white_check_mark: which was postponed today.
:white_check_mark: So day on the sofa and cuddles with the little guy it is
:x:(it won’t be that because he’s a grumpy little shit at the minute but I will try my best)
:white_check_mark: oh yeah had a food delivery too


Yeah. Well tasty. Slightly boiled it to retain some texture, then pan fried it. Got a bit charry. Chef’s kiss.


hope your loved ones get well soon!


Thanks Bam

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Had a big punnet of mushrooms ready to turn, so I’m making a batch of mushroom ketchup. Need to let this cool before straining it so I don’t burn my hands:


Eating pizza, watching Jaws, highly grumpy

Had to have a fry up for dinner as the chicken hadn’t defrosted properly and I had nothing else.

Had to…

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In one of this situations where I don’t know whether to eat dinner.

Had a chocolate bombolone for breakfast, various coffees and sparkling wine throughout the day, a massive mezze lunch at Bubala, then a few ice cream mochis at the cinema.

Will maybe just have cottage cheese on a couple of oatcakes :woman_cook:


Can’t leave the house again on a Monday, let me live.

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had a run up at a very different song idea

semi fucked it. (but with good bits)

I think I hate Star Trek

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from the other monday thread


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Hii tilty and friends,

In bed with a wee laphroig, watching some tv, feeling tired. Zzzzz. Aiming to get an early night for once, been feeling so zonked lately.


Back to the gym tonight. Just ate a kilogram of chicken thighs.

Just had* some late night pea soup (*couldn’t decide whether to say ate or drank there)