What no Monday thread?

Hiya. On my way into work.

Enjoying this weather if nothing else. How are you?

Morning - just enjoyed some of my coffee in the sun in the garden. Then I got a bit overwhelmed with how shit my garden is RN and how much work it will be to get it good so I came inside again

I really fucked up yesterday - did some solo afternoon drinking then felt sad and awful all night. I really shouldn’t do that

Hello. I am working from home.

This may become an eternal post.

  • working from work
  • working from home
  • not working from home
  • not working from work
  • not working from somewhere else

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Morning. Felt a bit weird out there today, but I thought I’d embrace it by sticking Mezzanine on for the cycle into work.

Not allowed in the office, so working from home for the foreseeable. The grim reality of this being the case for months and months hit home earlier!


Listened to this for the first time in years at the weekend. Such a good album!

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Tonsillitis has got really bad overnight. Tried calling doctors to get a phone appointment but was like 15th un the queue :grimacing:

Would just leave it but when it was this bad before I got admonished for not going to the docs sooner and given antibiotics, so probably should try get treatment.

Site visits are now all cancelled for the last three weeks of this job - will be able to do some remotely but otherwise I will not have three weeks worth of work to do. Don’t know if I’ll be made to finish early. New job is very much in peril. It’s pretty Alanis Morrissette that I quit this job solely to move from home based to office based working. Lol.

Wfh today and just finished my work for the day, can see this being a recurring theme

Currently in bed with an ogre

I’m wfh in my new job that i started today where the only people I’ve met are the people who interviewed me. This is an extremely weird way to start a new job.

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I am working from work today. Going to drink infinite tea and read a book between calls.

GF is helping her brother move apartment so I’m glad I’m not around for that. Bracing ourselves for a call from the hospice any hour now though.

Was having a good day until now as I just poked myself in the eye.

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I was going to WFH following a meeting in the city centre. That has now been switched to being a webinar and serious prep for our next steps are being ramped up, so I’m heading in. Hopefully what gets organised today will mean I can WFH more easily going forward.

drinking some absolutely fantastic coffee

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Very much wondering why we’re still in the office rather than WFH today.

Quietish on the trains, not so much on the tube.

Placed my hand sanitiser next to my mouse so I don’t forget I’ve got it.

Not bothered going into my office all year. I feel quite vindicated right now.

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Came into work to pick up some work so i can go home and work from home.


WFH today, so I thought I’d log in early and beat the rush. I was all logged in fine, then I went and did the school run, then everything had frozen when I’d got back and it took me the best part of twenty minutes to log back in. And then I had a call at 9.30, and half the attendees couldn’t join because of technical issues. It’s good this working from home lark!

I need to pop into town at lunchtime. Might buy myself some new jeans while I’m out - I’ve been making a mental note of things I might want to get over the next few months, and maybe bring some of those purchases forward on the credit card so I’ve got them before the inevitable lockdown.