What no Monday thread?

Thanks dingers, appreciate it.

Kind of eerie walking along the seafront and it being hot, sunny and the sea being calm for the first time in ages.

Working from home. It’s my friend’s funeral today, which I can’t attend.

Have been buying coffee from the coffee shop by my apartment this morning to try and support the local businesses - the guy who is normally so chipper in the morning was so brutally depressed about his chances of staying open :slightly_frowning_face:

Back into the office after a week off sick.

196 unread emails to get through. Listening to some Gotterdamerung musique.

Beautiful morning, mind. Didn’t even mind spending 20 minutes with the footpump reinflating a tyre first thing.

Can’t even get in the queue on the phone to the doctors now, should have stayed on the line earlier :frowning:

Think it is a bit fucked because you can’t use any of their automated booking stuff rn so everyone has to go through reception, they really should have kept the electronic stuff on with a very clear message that it was just booking a phone appointment slot.


I’m basically okay, and all my loved ones are okay, am wfh, and basically not even slightly bearing the brunt of anything in the scheme of things thus far - and for that I’m extremely grateful.

That said, I’m feeling an existential panic at the moment, ngl. I have to get two buses to work every morning via a depot, and it’s not the cleanest place at the best of times. I’m also in the process of buying a house, and what if the business I work for is pretty much fucked straight away? What if there are food shortages? Feel like I need to get offline as much as possible, but right now I genuinely don’t feel even slightly capable of that.

Put spoiler tags because it’s just dread-posting on my part and all pretty mundane, and nobody needs to read it. Just needed to get it out there, slightly.


My Swedish colleagues are sending pics of their wfh set ups with their pets :dog2::poodle::wolf::cat2::cat::heart_eyes:


Yesterday I punched myself in the face TWICE in a row. Once in the eye, then in my confusion and pain I chinned myself straight after :sob:

just checking my notes from last week’s meeting about a part i have to fix. i just wrote down “diameter”. the fuck does that mean? make it bigger? make it smaller? no idea.

fuck sake.


I think you meant ‘by a metre’

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!!! It’s OK, I once got distracted singing a Prince song (might have been Raspberry Beret) while cleaning out my kitchen at UWE one morning in 2014 and whacked my head on the top metal plated corner of a cupboard door

OUCH :cry:

Aye. At least I got a good tune accompanying it though. Though sadly it was a year too early for the existence of Want to Want Me.

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Ive watched the fist episode before, there’s a very good line about someone breaking wind before they died in it.

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Just sharpened a pencil for the first time in years.

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Started using “you say tomato I say potato” as a humorous variation on the famous saying

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  • … eh

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Sometimes I just write things like “Matthew said something CHECK WITH HIM LATER”

Yeah that’s very useful to read over again a week later ffs

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it’s obvious what i mean now therefore it will still be obvious once i’ve stopped thinking about it for a week