What, no Sunday thread?

Morning everyone! I’m baking some bread and waiting for a hailstorm that’s been forecast to pass before walking dog. How about you?

Yesterday a glass I was drinking from got a huge crack in it and the very top splintered and I got a piece stuck in my finger. I immediately felt like something was stuck in my throat but thought it was just psychosomatic but it’s kept me awake all night and its still there.

Going to do my tour soon but hoping I don’t die.

I’m working until 6. I really don’t want to be working until 6

I had a good 9 hours sleep last night. No hangover cos I didn’t drink, I spent my evening listening to November by Dennis Johnson and playing Words With Friends.

I’m in pain cos I have an infected cyst on my right testicle. It’s proper kicked-in-the-balls pain too.

What shall I have for breakfast?


I think I dreamt that I fell in love with someone who had shot up a school??? Probably watched too much The Punisher

@Scout and @CillaCrack I hope you both don’t die :scream::scream:


Morning all, slept OK.

Bought some vegan black pudding yesterday :man_shrugging: so gonna have a cooked breakfast with beans, sourdough (the beans will not be on this)/and tattie scones

Need to do a bit of work.

Gonna make (vg) haggis later and stuff it in a/the marrow.

Might watch the pro-bowl dunno if its worth it. Gonna have an early night as on a 7am flight to London tomorrow.

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Oh man, sorry to hear that! Is there anything you can do?

No it won’t be worth it.


What else am I gonna do though?


Starts at 8 though, dont need sleep til 10

While I’d always, always advocate for more sleep you might as well watch it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pro bowl

Off to work. Behave yourselves.

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I had first drinks of the year last night. Not great. I had 2 aperol spritz, couple of waters and then an amaretto sour but still feel mega rough. Also have been having a bit of a cry over bf doing something mildly stupid what would normally just result in a “you are an idiot, leave me alone for a bit”…so that’s alcohol :roll_eyes:

Need to go get my eyebrows done and do some form of exercise.

Thanks. Feel like I should go and get it seen to but also might be one of those things that just feels like a huge waste of NHS time.

Maybe you should eat something like a bit of bread or toast so if there is something, it’ll get caught up and go down?

But tbh it probably is just your mind playing tricks on you. I always think of stuff like that and I’m like I CAN FEEL IT STUCK IN THERE when I’ve been around a sewing needle or something and don’t remember NOT swallowing it

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Bread is good for that, it’s what we do when dog swallows something she shouldn’t do

Yeah. I’m just hoping it’s that. I’ve got quite a bad stomach too though but it’s also first day of my period and anxious about the tour so could just be that. Plus I doubt if it still feels stuck in my throat/chest that I’d have a bad stomach already

Morning everyone

I went to see the Wave Pictures last night at the Prince Albert (was also a 3rd(!) date) and had a lovely time

I ended up sitting up watching TV and drinking tea when I got home and somehow was up till 2am, but was still awake by 8 this morning

Exciting plans for the day - spoilering due to mildly gross feet stuff/ foot care chat

the hard skin on my feet is really bothering me so I might buy a pummice stone today and soak my feet in the washing up bowel before going at them