What, no Sunday thread?

morning all

woken up to find my boiler’s not working. little light on it blinking says it’s fine, but it’s not. gas supply is fine too. so that’s good, not like it’s cold at the moment or anything…

Hi troops

Been sorting out boxes of shit from the last few days and today is crunch day, so might be off to IKEA for more SAMLA. Got five huge boxes of gear for the charity shop, so that’s good.

Not been easy. Or fun.

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Knackered. Kicked the gf out of bed to go get us some pastries for breakfast, because I’m nice like that.

Today I need to get new front wipers for my car. Very Sunday activity.

Anglos everybody,

Just had facebook memories show me a load of pictures from Zinino 3, 11 years ago. I think it’s made me feel something although I’m not sure what. I might have a slight cringe coming on.

First relaxed sunday at home in ages. Going to make stew for lunches in the week and a curry or two for dinner. I love it when we get to spend Sundays cooking together. Oooh! i want to make samosas, but that might be a bit much.

Been awake since half 8 feel really good! Despite going to an all dayer gig thing yesterday had just 2 pints over 10 hours (and a pint of soda water in between).

Might go see Vice today with a mate.

The pressure?

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Just been bop-mopping (this is my phrase and you have to ask to use it) the floors at work to Reel Big Fish like an overgrown, bald teenager. 6 hours until my week off.

That’s true! Nether the less, sounds like you’re having a shocker of a Sunday already. Hope the tour goes well and you can reclaim the day!

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Were you at the Speedy thing too? Sorry for bothering you with that odd request. Our night ended rather weirdly - having to get a taxi back to Putney to get that woman home

Played pandemic and drank lots of wine til about 3am. Sunday league, DIY, maybe some football on the telly

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Gonna go watch a bunch of movies.


Really good 11 pub / 12 halves pub crawl around Bristol yesterday. Feel fine today.

Gonna get a roast and then head back to London I think.

time for me to register for Paris-Brest-Paris tonight :grimacing: it’s getting all very real now

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This made things a little better

Love those lil sprouty things


Yes, was mainly at Moth but went to Shack for N0v3l, I was home by midnight but wired on coffee so was awake when you messaged. I’d been in touch with Abigail earlier in the night coincidently, we were gonna hang out but I was just heading home as she was heading to the Shack with that friend of hers you met.

But yeah no worries at all, you did the right thing!

Oh it’s cress


that does say zero tbf, but my wife assures me that it always says zero… :thinking:

Oh god

Hmm. It shouldn’t. It should be about 1-2. Worth flipping the valve thingy just for a second to see if it does change.

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Might be the pressure has dropped?

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It’s such a nice day out. I’m going to spin then come back and have last night’s takeaway leftovers for lunch. Went a bit mad in Fopp’s 2 for £5 book sale yesterday so gonna crack on with some reading. In the bath, no doubt.