What no Thursday thread?

I’m currently in bed sipping a coffee.

No gym today, but instead got a nice lil road and canal ride with my buddies tonight.

Shortly there will be eggs.

Morning :sunny:

Got a lot to do in the next few hours then heading down to London for a nice weekend (talk about mudlarking and stuff tonight at the Brunel Museum, dis drinks after work tomorrow, Brighton Saturday)

Fig knew he was going to the cattery again, how did he know? He gave me a real Disney “how could you betray me?” look :pleading_face:


Morning. Totally symptom free today so off back to work I trot. Daughter is still really poorly, so that’s wonderful. And a decent nit finding last night in her hair, so will have to do the old treatment on her.

Not been paid today, dunno if it’s late or I’ve misunderstood how notice periods work


Made redundant on: 20th June
Notice period: 4 weeks (18th July)
Normally get paid on: last working day of the month (today)

Redundancy document says “Under the contract of your employment, you are entitled to 4 weeks notice. You will receive this money in addition to any outstanding holiday pay on your normal pay date in the normal way.”

Any ideas if I should be getting paid today?

E actually slept for 6 hours last night, then woke, had milk and slept for a further 3. So happy :smiley:

Not much on today, just got to slog through work and I’m done for 3 days, WOOOOO!



Had a really tough evening.

Unfortunately (CW - Pet loss) we did have to have one of our dogs, Destiny, put to sleep. We didnt know exactly how old she is, being a Romanian rescue but estimated around 11-13. Her back end had gone and it was time, and the right thing to do for her. Mr s_w had to take her on his own, as I stayed with mini s_w and our big dog, Samson and he is really heartbroken having been there with her, and I wish I could have been too. Although we only had her for 4 years, it was a wonderful 4 years and she was the funniest, sweetest girl. House doesnt feel right this morning and Samson is really sad. :sleepy:

Anyway, sorry, i needed get that off my chest.

For today, ive got to pop into town then we habe baby yoga and massage at 1pm so looking forward to that. Need that relaxation and support today.

Morning all!

I got a bit of a lie in this morning so that’s nice.

I’m sitting in Tesco carpark waiting for Barnardo’s to open.

So sorry for your loss, xxxx


Amazing! Thats good to hear.

We got a 2.5 and another 2.5 with F (whos just under 10 weeks). Its been our best night since she was first born. Fingers crossed for more of the same for all of us tonight!


Managed to have a panic attack on a mere four minute train journey today, which I’m delighted to say is a new personal best #daretodream

You should be getting it all today - this would be your final salary payment so should have it all. You should get your salary for up to the 18th and all the other shizzle

It gets fucked up a lot though in my experience (which doesn’t make it any better for you, sorry)

Get on the phone!

(I work in HR)


Realised how behind on all my admin stuff I am so was up til 2am last night finishing this bastard assignment, then completing a load of forms for reference and background checks (and I’ve had 3 jobs and 5 addresses in the last 5 years so it’s faffy), then remembered some work-work I was meant to do so just got that cracked out.

Had some bizarre access to 2am energy as though I was a teenager again not an achy, grey old woman. Weird.

A lot of 80s love on Good Morning.

Martin Kemp - The 80’s was about ambition and proper songs whereas the 90s was about dj culture and remixing 80s songs.

That’s about all i have. Didn’t have to do the school run so that was a win but then have a bad stomach and feel depressed so its evening out.

Sorry for your loss, sounds heart breaking.

Baby yoga and massage sounds like the perfect activity for you - i hope you enjoy it x


I’d expect to be at least paid for days worked this month - whether you should be getting the redundancy this month or next depends on when the payroll cut off was.

I’d make some calls this morning.


Going for a bike.

Will clean the house later.


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The weather is a bit rubbish today, much worse than the forecast. I’m meant to be camping on Friday night, and the forecast then is the same as now, which I thought would be ok, but…

Nothing exciting going on today, I need to take a photo of the new pub on the seafront for my pub project, so hopefully the weather improves by lunchtime

Morning :coffee:

Got some unpleasant admin to do today, but going to the theatre tonight to see Six the musical so that’ll be fun.

Nothing else to report really. Might have an egg.

Thanks for this, appreciated

And @zeal yeah I thought the same

Might leave it until lunchtime. My boss has probably fucked it up somehow.


:+1: Don’t think it’s completely unusual for the kind of employer you had, but you will want to stay on top of it.

Hope all’s well mate - didn’t know you’d been let go until this morning.

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