What non-work people (that you know, invited) have been into your current office or workspace?

(if you always work from home please leave this thread and find something for ant’s niece and nephew to do)

Bloke from NCT



That is how it should be really, a sexy and alluring world of mystery.

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My parents, my partner, two of my pals from school and a Ugandan sports journalist/entrepreneur.

One or two mates but it didn’t feel right

I thought you worked in a library or the office of a library, surely a mate has popped in for a book or to surprise you?

No one.
My boyfriend went to my office for a meeting a few weeks before I started there. Does that count?

It’s not open to the public.

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The most evil of libraries.

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I think there’s ONE person I know of on DiS who would be allowed in.

What sort of library is this, does it have bouncers and if your spelling not up to scratch your not coming in!

There is security asking for certain credentials when you arrive.

Such as?

Dewey decimal test.

If I tell you, then I’d have to kill you.

We use Universal Decimal Classification here.

311: [622+669] (485)

What does that mean for Dewey the decimal cat?

I’m fine with that

Dewey the decimal cat is widely considered a shit twat

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