What non-work people (that you know, invited) have been into your current office or workspace?


What does that mean for Dewey the decimal cat?


I’m fine with that


Dewey the decimal cat is widely considered a shit twat



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My mate is in the same game as you. He told me he changed his Tinder bio to ‘I can make your dreams come true if your dream is to get with a librarian’. In the 2 weeks he had this up he had no matches.


Tinder is probably not the best catchment area for this, now if he has touched a tiger or has a sporty car or has gone to the gym Tinder is for him!




I can’t remember


None, our insurers are very strict about who does and doesn’t get let into the building. When my colleague Tom brought his baby in we all had to go to the canteen (which is in a different building) to meet it (have actually forgotten its gender, pretty boring baby tbh).




Have you become a lion tamer?


Nah, would be dead easy to Google if said what it was though.


GF teaches English at a secondary school and it’s strange to think I’ll most likely never see her teach a single lesson in my life. Think it’s much easier for her to picture me sat at my desk writing emails and wasting time on here.


Ol’ ma dots
A friend

That’s it. Neither of them came to my desk or met my colleagues, they wanted to see the building I work in as it’s modern and interesting, and there is a dece view from the 14th floor.


Wor Lass has been in a few times to parade The Child in front of my colleagues.


the kids. They loved it. Wow a water dispenser ! and swivel chairs ! a table tennis table ! an Xbox ! dad this is such a cool place to work.

it really isn’t kids.


just the 3 year old. He said he wanted to see the lift, toilets and the shop. My favourite places in the building


None. Will hopefully stay that way.


In my current corporate environment, none. Although Clive will be going there with me on Saturday for a pre-Pride brunch on the top floor roof terrace overlooking the Thames.

In my previous small company workplace, tons of friends. I treated it as my own personal space where friends could come and see their record sleeve or flyer artwork and oversee final changes with me.