What % of the work you wanted to get done today have you actually done? (also banal)

Literally 0%. I don’t even have an excuse.


actually been pretty good today despite massive CBA this morn. 70%

20% which looks quite good on paper but really really isn’t.

Got a pizza for dinner, will have 50% of it.


I have done no work.

bout 50%. always work harder the first day back tho.

50% i guess, won’t get much more done
If I wasn’t addicted to the internet I’d probably be unstoppable


Coasting the rest of the day

couldn’t give a fuck if any of my work got done tbqh


'bout 60%

can’t figure out if this means 100% or 0%

some of it

got up at 1pm tho…

Essential work: 100%
Overall: 80%
Posts on DiS: minimal

About 15%

0% of actual billable work.

My time tracker reckons I’ve spent around 3 hours on email though :joy: :grimacing: :sob:

I’ve done what would normally be split between 2 people for the day, as well as most of one person’s work for tomorrow. So I dunno, 275%?

Home time c. 50 minutes. Day off tomorrow :slight_smile:

your what now?

I use RescueTime to track how long stuff takes me, mainly for jobs that I need to bill hourly but also just to see how much time I waste reading Twitter and indie music forums

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Had a few good conversations, had a bit of a photoshoot for the website as well. On the day with no sleep. Fine.

good lord, i don’t think any good could come from me looking at that