What Olympic Sport would you want to excel at?

I think I’ve done this thread before but… inspired by the comments on gymnastics - which Olympic sport would you want to be amazing at if you could wake up and be a gold medal contender?

Let’s assume for arguments sake the monetary reward is equal for all sports / not a thing.


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What song would you dance to?

You want to be a horse?

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Don Aman - Slint


In some ways


Shot putt but I wouldn’t compete, I’d just use my abilities to throw stuff over my own house then catch them.

Would have to be gymnastics because imagine having that strength/flexibility/power/control and rhythm - you’d feel invincible.

Would also like to be a great figure skater. Heptathlon would be cool too.

Something that would benefit me day to day.

So I guess 100m. That would make it less likely that I miss the bus.

The REAL Olympics

shot putters traditionally aren’t very fast, so you’d have to throw it very high to give yourself a chance. Unclear if shot putters are able to adjust the trajectory sufficiently to clear a house and high enough to be able to reach and then catch the shot.

not sure you’ve thought this through.

I’d like to be Olympic Champion of smart-arsery

Fine. Javelin, so I can hunt my own food after no deal Brexit.

Maybe his house has a very small footprint and he can run around it quickly?

Not sure you’ve thought this through tbh

Sajid Javelin

please read my post properly.


Is reading posts properly an Olympic sport? If so, I’d like to excel at that please.

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