What Olympic Sport would you want to excel at?

Downhill skiing, obv.

Climbing (which debuts at Tokyo 2020 :grinning:)

Cross country skiing (nice and relaxing) or one of the bobsled lads who isnt the leader (basically just sitting down and tilting left or right every so often - piece of piss)

can train for this at work also


Not to mention you’d be trying to catch a 7.26kg metal ball hurtling to earth at somewhere north of 40mph.


epimer’s good at this already tho


Pentathalon. I could run, swim, swordfight, shoot guns and ride a horse, all at a high level. Badass.

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Would you fancy your chances? (Maybe qualifying for a small, underdeveloped country?)

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A shooting guns one

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The floor stuff

There’d be people better than you at all of those disciplines though. You’d basically be king of the mediocre toffs.

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But I’d be happy in myself, and that’s what counts

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Cartwheels and backflips and all that jazz.


just for the body really

I’m already prepared to offer him Irish citizenship.

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“Hm. Which sport would make me the biggest thirst trap?”