What order should I drink the following in: beer, rum

This is my solitary mid-week drinking time as I get through my never-ending dissertation hell.

The rum is actually a can of Captain Morgan White Rum with Lime.

Will I feel more ill if I drink that before the beer? I’d rather save the beers for later because they’re nice (Tyskie) but at the same time I don’t want to feel like shit.

rum before beer, feeling queer
beer before rum, feeling cum

I thought the order only mattered if it’s beer and wine.

The order doesn’t matter if it’s beer and spirits/mixes, surely?

I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. We live in a post-truth world now.

Drink both at the same time. Sorted.

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Fuck it, I’m starting with the rum.

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That was definitely a bad idea.

Fuck you, Brexit voters.

This thread is giving me horrible flashbacks to uni, where we drank rum was mixed with non alcoholic beer (bought in error)

Always always do the beer first you nutter. Rum first is like having your pudding before your main meal.

In general the beer gas will fill you more and you’ll still have space for shorts, plus I find the sugar helps make the hangover easier.

Beer first til you get bored, then drink rum as dessert