What other hobbies can the GBBO television format be applied to?



We’ve got pottery, painting and sewing. The arse isn’t ripped out of it yet though, there’s plenty of room for more derivatives!


Bicycle repair


Fiendish sudoku


a bit cycling, but allowed!!


They didn’t use the ‘Great Brittish’ aspect but the BBC have done similar formats for both garden design and room decoration, IIRC.


channel 4 did the interior design one, but you’re correct


Paper mache :scream:


Aha! Cheers

Here’s the garden one:


I think I remember the room one (but only vaguely), I’d forgotten about it


not wrong, but another gardening one


Oh wait,

This is the one I was thinking of:


Furniture restoration?


basically any brexit-y hobbies innit



I suppose queuing or maybe a spot of colonialism


Ah, I do recall that one but it was the Garden show thing I was thinking of. They had to do a whole themed display and stuff like the final challenge on GBBO.

What we’re learning is the BBC is REALLY rinsing this idea.


I’m actually quite angry about this now.


Trainspotting doesn’t strike me as that Brexity tbh. I reckon your average trainspotter has pretty niche political interests - I can’t imagine them caring about what the Daily Mail thinks.

If a trainspotter voted Brexit, they probably did so for some bullshit reason like “issues of sovereignty” or something, not just out of casual racism.


it’s a hard-hitting thread, like most of my others


Reckon they’ll do a really shit computing one to try to appeal to the YOOF. like coding or CAD or something


Thinly veiled ‘I love trains’ post