What percentage of incoming phone calls do you miss?



I’d say about 85%

phone is always on silent and I rarely have it on my person



Most. My phones always on silent too and a lot of the time i cba with it so i let it ring out then text


Is ‘miss’ the same as ‘ignore because you’re “working”’, or just ignoring because you can’t be arsed talking if so it’ll be closer to 90%.


dont really answer my phone tbh unless i’m expecting a call about a job


Fair play. Lot or respect for people who keep their phones on silent. Too many people think they have to be contactable 24/7 nowadays, which is of course complete nonsense. If something terrible happens to someone you know you probably won’t get there in time anyway…and besides, you can regularly check for missed calls and messages without being a public pest.

To answer your question, all of them. 100%. If it’s work i’ll ring them back out of earshot of people i might annoy. If it’s social i’ll text back, again usually go out of the room if i’ve got company, though, as to not come across as an ignorant cunt.


85% - Everything other than when I’m asleep, driving, or in a situation where it’d be bad form to take a call (meeting, cinema, out for dinner etc.). Obviously in these situations I’ll send a text to apologise and ask what’s up as soon as I’m able to

EDIT - always on vibrate barring exceptional circumstances


100% of ones from an unknown number

5% of ones from known numbers


Quite a lot.

Always have my phone on vibrate but signal at work is shit, so usually just get a missed call alert a while later and at home I put my phone on the coffee table or whatever and never hear it buzzing.The only time I will always answer it is if I’m the car and got the ol’ bluetooth connected.


Basically ignore every call that isn’t recognised. Rarely get calls from wife / friends etc, most text instead. Just my parents I regularly answer to, really, and that’s only once a week.


Anyone other than my wife it is 100%.

If it is my wife it’ll ring on priority. 38 weeks and all that.


About 95%. Can’t get any reception in work and whenever someone phones me at home it always seems to be when I can’t answer (my Dad in particular seems to have a knack of ringing when I’m either in the shower, having a shit, or doing the washing up).



I’m a vitally important man and all my calls, business or leisure, require immediate attention.