What percentage of newts

do you think have seen a human being?


Do you reckon newts wish that the Pixar Newts film had been made?

Only the great crested ones.

The sad thing, Epimer, is that we will never know.

Fuck a newt anyway tbh. Fuck any amphibian, make your mind up, dickheads.

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Wow! Amphibians are cool as fuck.



I don’t like water creatures Lonzy, at least most of them have the good grace to stay in the water though.

What if an amphibian was to say this about you Tone? Show some respect yeah.

Less than that if we’re talking about all newts ever, rather than just those alive right now.

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That’s a sort of specism isn’t it? Are we cool with specism?

I guess I have a spiders. Which is pretty specist.

I wonder how one would spell specism.

I would welcome the disdain of an amphibian as it would mean that we would keep our respective distances.

Speciesism probably?

Do you have a spiders?

Frogs are pretty safe?

There is a dead a spiders on an unreachable windowsill in our kitchen which I need to address

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I hate them though

What about the miracle of the tadpole?