What percentage of the air is The Internet?


Post can’t be empty.


As much as 8% in certain parts of London, or so I’m told


The internet is fall out from the big bang. Did you know that?


How much though?


That is fascinating.

This is now the fascinating facts thread.

Steve Buscemi 9/11


Your mum knows all about big bangs.


Pretty sure all of it


And it’s on the internet


Yes her phd was in astrophysics, I’m surprised you knew that.


Too scared to get a real job?


Actually she got it part time while raising us and cleaning hyg’s house.


They should make a film about this. Hyg would be played by Hitler obvs.


As a right wing American think tank once pontificated, we’re going to need a bigger boat for all this Internet


by weight or by volume?


Metric inches


They could call it the big bang smeary. With the smear being on hyg’s tainted soul that my mother would have to clean before she could ‘quantum leap’ into her next body/episode.


you want to watch your mother clean hyg’s taint?


3.8% but gets as high as 8.3% in London. Much higher in Hong Kong or some of the big Asian cities


Almost all of it. You’re probably breathing Balonz’s shitty posts right now.


you see the remnants of the big bang if you switch on an old television and tune it between stations or open up an internet browser and go to community.drownedinsound.com