What percentage of your time do you roughly spend facing North?


and the other compass points too if possible.

My television faces south, as does my work monitors, so I reckon about 50% of my waking moments are spent looking North.

Let’s say 50% North, 10% South, 20% East and West. Boy this is scientific.





and when were you last in an Argos please


Just before Christmas, but I didn’t buy anything.


if I’m lying down are my feet the needle or my head?


Desk at work faces North…




like 80%


can you tell which way you’re facing, at all times without checking?

  • yes
  • no

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Bit creepy pal, and she can answer for herself.


I used to work with someone with the surname North and did in fact face towards him. He’s left now though.


Used to babysit for Kanye huh


I face north when I’m sat at my desk and when I’m watching telly so most of my life I guess


Glad this is an anonymous poll, don’t want the government to find out about my gift


Truly the worst X Man


just generally assume whatever direction I’m facing at the time is north unless told otherwise


I’m facing south if I’m looking at my monitor, and my sofa at home faces vaguely south-ish. When I lie in bed I’m facing upwards rather than towards any compass point though.

I’d say probably 50% south, 30% n/a, 20% other.


Probably spend most of my time in bed


353 degrees North, noted, thank you.


I spend 100% of my time facing north