What personal projects are you working on at the moment?

Me, I’m creating an escape room for the TV and her friend that will be in one of our spare rooms.

They will be two intrepid private detectives who have broken into the lair of the enigmatic serial killer the Beast of Bradford. They will need to use all of their wits to find enough evidence to put him away and escape before he returns home.

So, what about you, hun?

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Pretending to be having a poo to avoid work and browse the world wide web instead




Poetry blog

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you be more mindful

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Thanks Shrewbs, appreciate it

keep meaning to get more into trees

Trying to make a bikini
Done the bottoms, messed up the top once already so having to start again on that.

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just trying to kill time until i can eat something or go to sleep again

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I have some hobbies but not sure how to turn them into projects

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The in laws knew that I liked to climb trees as a wee lad, and so for xmas a few years ago (age c31) they bought me a book called ‘the man who climbs trees’. Naturally it went straight onto the bookshelf where it has remained since.

Trying not to succumb to the crushing weight of this brutal society, and also making my synth/space-jazz album The Great Pyramid of Psy-Ops

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taking wallpaper off walls and then painting the walls

I haven’t had a proper personal project since I stopped working on the Android app I made and released around 12 months ago.

it was an alternative to the default text messaging app but it looked like the messaging app from Persona 5. was fun to build, learnt loads, think I made something good and lots of people seemed to like it (got close to 500k downloads!). but then it got removed from the Play Store for copyright stuff, and I don’t want to maintain it independently for various reasons (hassle, got bored of working on it, got bored of making Android apps full stop, found the whole thing really stressful in the end which is sad but what can you do)

I have a mini project going at the moment I guess to build a website to hold results of the pretend F1 online races I have, but that’s probably more so I can learn some new web technologies (plan is to use React, Postgresql and something in the middle, haven’t decided yet) than because I want to get something good out of it.


Think my kids have the sequel to that…

Cow II

Try working on the new album instead! Hahahahaha!

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I’m in 4 bands atm, it’s too much work.

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Thinking about making an album instead of odd tracks here and there but I don’t feel ready to make something cohesive yet.

Going to put a bed together this weekend instead.

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This is why I’m going to stick with bedroom recordings. Only person to hassle me is me, and I can’t be arsed hassling anyone.