What personal projects are you working on at the moment?

Once that bed’s up and running you’ll be making sweet music all night long

Redoing my website, thinking about turning four essays I wrote about Brexit\The EU last year into a zine.

No I don’t think so, I’d keep the neighbours up.

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I started a project of removing all the words from political speeches, leaving only the inhalations/exhalations/pauses. Did George Bush’s 9/11 speech and an Easter message from Cameron but gave up after.




This sounds amazing

Haven’t read the rest of yr post yet

But my gosh

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Have you considered being in 5ive?

Albuuuummm mostly. Think it’s nearly done, but at the same time I’m not 100 percent sure and I dont want to rush it. Really hyped whenever I listen through what I have for it though.

Also trying to write a few things. Mainly a short story that has been percolating for years about someone who, after having extreme jet lag, starts sleepwalking in the day and his “sleepwalking self” turns out to be much better at his job, much more liked than him. I quite like bits of it, but I may have to accept I’m a bit shit at writing.

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I’ve seen their dance routines, they’d only slow me down.

Was watching some YouTube stuff about them the other day and got unbelievably bummed out when I spotted that he has the same midi controller than me and yet they’ve got more Grammys for their music than I’ve got likes for mine.

Maybe it’s because he’s got the special edition red one. Yeah. That must be it.

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That’s a funny concept. Perhaps it could culminate in him waking up while about to perform on stage in front of a sold out audience like in a bad dream, but then he goes out there and just jams his little heart out and he realises the magic was in him all along - all it took was for him to believe in himself :cheese:

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  • Sauce
  • Drones
  • Saucy drones



as long as you’re not on Android 10, then you can still download it from here:

somewhat amusingly i am on Android 10 so i can’t even use my own app anymore, might fix that one day. can find screenshots and stuff just by searching for “persona 5 im app” on google - and any twitter type ones by @alfredbulbasaur are me :slight_smile:

Sort of like Fight Club but without the fighting? I could definitely go a more whimsical Fight Club!

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Rewriting the works of Shakespeare in textspeak