What Phone do you own?

“Sorry, I’m not sure how to do that.”

Exactly my feeling. Not enough good small phones.


Seems nice so far. Going to stick with default Android 11 for now instead of immediately switching to a different launcher and see how I get on.

My old iPhone SE 2016 got smushed by our little lad so turned into a paranoid Martin Lewis acolyte for a couple of weeks endlessly checking 12 mini and se2 deals on uswitch before buying a refurbed SE 2016

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yeah when I smashed my SE I got a refurbed, definitely seems the way to go, didnt realise refurb normally means just a phone that has been bought and returned rather than proper second hand, seems to be the way to get off the upgrade treadmill, think it cost me like £90 or something. Don’t know why I later upgraded to the SE2 in the end, just hadnt upgraded for a long time so if felt like I should, thought the camera might be better but it isnt really, only feature it seems to have is being a lot more slippery than previous phones.

Yeah that’s what put me off the SE2 - prefer box edges to the slinky new designs. Think I’ll wait a year until the 12 minis come down in price and grab one of those for the better camera

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gonna get a new phone. would be quite happy with my J3 but the microphone broke and for a cheap phone it’s not really worth the cost of getting it fixed

might get a Galaxy A02s, any fellow cheapskates know if these are any good?

We use Samsung’s at work.
Used to use j3s now use a20, a32 and a21s. They’re all much of a muchness so reckon the a2 will be fine for the price

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I’ve got an A20e, it’s fine, does a job (internet, twitter, all the apps I had on an S8 before the battery starting dying).

It was a choice between that and a Moto G8 power lite.


I’ve got a Samsung S10e, bought as it’s the only android approaching a compact size these days (that and pixels, more expensive). Great phone.

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I also have an A20e, it’s absolutely adequate which is all I ask of a phone


Perfect description that.

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Having never broken a single phone since I started having phones, a few months ago I broke the screen of my Google Pixel 3A XL, and today I have somehow managed to break the tempered glass screen protector on my Google Pixel 4A 5G. I’m not chucking them about or anything. What’s going on?

  • Glass is getting more brittle
  • The surfaces in your home are getting harder

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i bought some tempered glass for my google pixel and it broke within about 3 days, never had that happen before. i don’t bother with one now :woman_shrugging:

I was also in ‘never smashed a screen’ club but in 6 months I have gone through both screen protector and actual screen (iPhone)

I am going with option a

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Are your phones stressed?

They do spend a lot of time looking at my face, which can’t be good for anyone

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I never broke any phones until about 2 years ago, when I cracked the screen on a phone I’d had for a couple of years and was planning to replace, and then cracked the screen on the new one about a month after getting it. I’ve been dropping phones for years so something has changed

The screen on my newish iPhone SE seems to pick up light scratches more easily than the iphone 4 I had 10 years ago

bought a Samsung Galaxy A12 in the end up. seems good so far.

having to get used to phones now being massive. getting used to it surprisingly quickly though, my old J3 is already starting to feel tiny in my hand