What Phone do you own?

I gave up on Sony’s due to the shoddy software, though I really liked the form of my Z5C and my wife’s Z3C. I’d had two previous Sony phones, and they both had glitchy laggy software and developed faults. After the Z5C I moved to the Galaxy S8 (brilliant) and then the s10e when I dropped the S8 shortly before the two years was up (don’t use cases, hate cases). If you like a phone’s form factor, why put it in a case?

Hoping the iphone 12 mini encourages a return to more smaller android phones. s10e is one of the smallest and still too big.

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How did this go btw? Normally use nova launcher but on a new phone (pixel 4a 5G) and unsure if I should stick on the default instead of a launcher like nova

Think I’m still on the default. It’s fine tbh.

Is there a way to have a totally blank home screen, with no icons or search bar or owt?

I don’t think you can get rid of the search bar, which normally irks me something fierce, but I’m ok with it now.

Cheers boss

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the Pixel 5 speaker is so bad fuck me

like tempted to return it based on that alone, feel like it’ll grate every time I use it

You’re not a kid any more JP, you no longer look hard and cool blaring your songs out on the top deck, you now look like an attention-seeker. Just get some headphones :wink:

I have OnePlus Nord phone and the speaker is okay? Dunno, it’s not like I was expecting to be enjoying any bass through it.