What Phone do you own?

I’ve got an iPhone XS max that I’ve had for nearly 2 years now. Contract runs out at the end of August

Should I get a 12 Pro in September or will Apple have an iPhone 13 on the market by then/shortly after?

Got a new one last month, my screen (no protector) is more scratched than the screen on the Samsung S9 i had for the three years prior, also with no protector.

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What if it is not we who own the Phones, but the Phones who own us



My contract is up soon and I’m thinking of going back to having an iPhone. I use macs for everything else so thinking it might make life easier.

Worth it?

I like having an easy way to move things across my iPhone, MacBook and iPad.

I’ve also been pleased with my iPhone XS which is still fine after 2.5 years and no need to upgrade any time soon

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Anyone got any tips on getting a good deal?

If they’re not knocked back by parts shortages iphone 13 will come out the last week of september

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Handset and sim only contract separately used to be the best value. Not sure more recently though.

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Not really, but I would definitely consider getting a slightly older model. Like @jont2001 says, I have an iPhone XS and can’t see myself replacing it any time soon. The improvements since have been pretty negligible compared to the jumps you used to get.

My wife’s contract is coming to an end and she’s looking at upgrades. She’s asked me to look at specs of various packages and I don’t understand this.

On the package’s headlines it says unlimited data

But further down it shows this

What is that 1MB referring to? It seems tiny for data download and as far as I can see download speeds on 5G are over 100mbps so it can’t be that either.

Anyone know what this is on about?

What’s it say under the banner on the bottom one

That’s what’s missing between the two original screenshots

Looks like it’s a bug. Unlimited data is unlimited data

It looks like this on mine

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Yeah, can’t get my head round it. I’ll get her to email them to see what’s up, cheers

Live chat on my o2 app is alright

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It just sounds like a moderate case of jinxitis. Sorry about that, but it was your own doing:

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has anyone’s phone been getting especially hot?

does anyone with this issue stick their phone in the freezer for a few minutes now and again?

Mine sometimes gets hot in the car. I tend to turn it off for 10 mins and give it a proper rest. I think mine is due to wireless charging

mine’s probs (almost certainly) down to having an absurd number of tabs open on Chrome :robot:

turning it off, I might give that a go…