What Phone do you own?

I’ve got a phone that is old and white and the other day I was partway through cooking a curry and wanted to look something up and so now part of the white is now stained yellow from turmeric. If that’s not a good enough reason to buy a new one I don’t know what is.

just got a new battery for my three year old samsung. it’s black. i’m not a baby.

The only bad thing with my old OnePlus 3 is the camera is bashed up and the bit that’s fallen off isn’t replaceable.

However, my wife’s old OnePlus3T is completely dead so I’ve got a phone repair kit thingie on the way that I will use to try to cannibalise the bits off into my phone.

This repair kit just arrived. I have successfully swapped the backs and my phone camera now appears to be decent again. Woohoo!


This is such a classic Theo post


Gotta keep my Instagram content highest quality.

Just treated myself to a new iPhone :speak_no_evil: