What podcasts have you started listening to in the last 3 months?



Aside from the fact that he kept getting right wing conspiracy theorists on, this was what put me off of JRE each podcast was almost three hours long ain’t no one got time for that.


I’m having some issues with Podcast Addict and can’t access Earwolf stuff or the Empire Podcast. Seems to be an issue with RSS feeds but not sure how to sort it, any clues?


Are there any decent podcasts on UK history? Preferably not too dry? Any era really.


I enjoyed The Matter Of The North, depends on your melvyn bragg tolerance levels tho.


I mind Bragg in small doses and I’m a Northerner so this a good shout :+1:


Some please listen to these and tell me what you thought


I listen to The History of England fairly religiously, I think it’s really good. The subject matter is covered really comprehensively (so far gone from pre-history to Henry VIII in 250 episodes) but the host has got a good sense of humour and the style is pretty accessible, good balance I think. He also does occasional themed episodes (eg women in the 15th century, audio tour of the roman city of bath etc), overview episodes of a particular person or period, and guest episodes from other podcasters which is a great way to find new podcasts. There was a great one recently about England’s first American colony, the host seemed really good but I have t followed it up yet. On top of all that he has a subscription service with even more content available (I haven’t subscribed yet), and he does some other podcasts too which I haven’t really got into as much. I I haven’t listened to the whole series in linear fashion, found that a bit too much. I recommend finding a period you want to know about and working through that to see if you like it.


Jesus Christ look st the length of that post. How much is the guy paying me?


Really enjoying this podcast, only slight irk is the guy is obviously reading some words out loud for the first time and mangles them a bit. Run em past someone else if you’re not sure, or Google will read it out for you. That aside, great pod


Holy moly that’s a lot of podcast right there! I’ll do what you suggested and pick a period to have a go and see if I like the guy. If so I’m tempted to start from the beginning. That’ll keep me busy for a while…

Thank you!


doffs hat


I’m wearing a shirt that is slightly too small, a day of slight discomfort awaits


Long name for a podcast, pal.


I’m going to have to make this podcast now to cover my mistake


been listening to ‘the bruenigs’ - it’s the crowd-funded-one-man-socialist-think-tank-guy, matt bruenig talking to his wife, liz bruenig, who is a reporter for the washington post.

they’re both very smart in very different ways - matt has autism and is very into numbers and correctness and the structures of arguments, liz it’s a theologian and is good at talking about narratives (as well as the argument stuff tbf).

they’ve been going out since school and have a really lovely rapport, find liz very funny and relate to her quite a lot.



reckon you’re the king of podcasts


ha! thanks

lots of free time


This is great.

Just listened to the Harry Potter one. Trepidatiously because, urgh, Harry Potter. But I shared his complete ignorance of it, so his attempts to understand it in terms of the real world were funny. And, yup, their rapport is great.

Half way through the Batman and Monopoly one. Also good. Think I’ll be working my way through these. :+1:



those first couple of episodes are quite different to the rest, seemed like they wanted a format to work within and went for ‘autistic man misunderstands pop culture’ (edit - in a more wholesome way than that sounds written down), but after a while it’s just them talking about stuff they’re interested in in a more general way. which is good cause they’re cool and interesting.

the episode about undercover boss is one of my favourite things I’ve enjoyed recently.


Cool. Yeah, I could imagine the format working for a few, but then wearing a bit thin. So good that they settle down somewhat. :+1: