What podcasts have you started listening to in the last 3 months?



Probably more for the Wrestling thread, but The Lapsed Fan really do produce some staggeringly researched and funny deep dives into their subjects. Almost Audiobook like in length and detail like Hardcore History.

They just started a rundown focusing on the Von Erich Family which is something I’ve slways wanted to know more about - so really looking forward to starting the journey. Just need to find 7 and a half hours for part 1.


This new Natasia Demetriou episode of the Buxton podcast is great, she’s so fucking funny.


came round a bit to the guy by the end, he’s very earnest

i went and listened to the sean hughes podcast that stew mentions afterwards, made me pretty sad tbh


Listened to the new James Acaster / Ed Gamble podcast yesterday. It’s definitely fun, but will also definitely fall into that category of another one from that gang, all going on each other’s p-casts, and having all the same topics.

But, you know, Acaster, so all is good enough.


I enjoyed that one. The stories about her dad trying to set her up with an 18 year old were brilliant.

The, er, “vagina jingle” on this week’s episode had me trying to eat a scarf to avoid gut-laughing in public.


was looking forward to this but have just realised it’s them interviewing someone else - might have to come back when it’s not scroobius pip…


He was fine, but appears to have the palate and food aspirations of a 9 year old.


Really enjoyed this episode of Philosophy Tube and the channel behind it is generally quite excellent.

Also Cuck Philosophy


She’s really good on it, but Buxton was particularly grating. Would probably have been improved if he’d just said nothing.


Yeah I don’t know how much I can be arsed to listen to the same podcasts with the same group of people just in different formats.

Will wait for Nish Kumar to be on that one though cause I do like him now.


To be fair, this week’s with Grace Dent is a fun listen. Also to be fair #2 it doesn’t yet seem to actually be about men’s mental health so that is also refreshing in the current podcast environment.


Tried to listen to some Buxton episodes recently. (The two Kathy Burke ones). Fucking Hell, the man is a twat.


Awww not Dr Buckles :hushed:



Listened to about 20 episodes so far and have literally gotten stares from people when I can’t stop myself from laughing in public. Kinda want to marry Jason mantzoukas now


Anyone else had a major emotional gut-punch with Ear Hustle’s Earlonne’s prison release? Can’t get my head round how he must feel.


Grace Dent episode was great. Could listen to her voice all day.


I absolutely hate him.


Been listening to Dissect, and it’s great.

His voice is annoying, and some of his over-analysis of some of the more basic aspects – especially the lyrics – grates, but I’m getting a lot from it. Love the detail, and the choice of albums he’s covered so far. The latest (mini) series on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is particularly right up my street.


The Frank Ocean season was particularly bad for the over analysis of lyrics. Especially wrt drug use. Had me shouting at my phone a few times. And too much “here’s this guitar part being played by someone else”. I wasn’t sure if Frank’s lyrics generally just don’t lend themselves to the same kind of analysis as Kendrick, because they’re more about building a feeling or atmosphere. I did take a lot from the Pyramids double episode.


Thought the first few episodes of miseducation were excellent but got a bit fed up of the preachiness of her interviews and the religious lyrics in the latter ones.